Restaurant museum Omuaxiu - SardiniaRestaurant museum Omuaxiu - Sardinia
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Via Roma, 46 Orroli (NU) - Tel. +39 0782 845023
Nuraghe Arrubiu - Orroli (NU) - Sardinien Lago di Mulargia
Lago di Mulargia - Orroli (NU) - Sardinia

The beautiful countryside around the OmuAxiu House Museum has many treasures, including the Arrubiu Nuraghe. The name “Arrubiu” derives from the red colour of the stones (basalt) used to construct the nuraghe, often covered in lichen. The impressive structure rises up 15 metres and covers an area of 3000 sq. m. It is one of the largest nuraghi from ancient Sardinian history and dates back to the XIII century BC. Visitors can also see the ruins of the walls built at a later date by the Romans and the well-preserved remains of two handicraft workshops from the Roman period. Just 3 km away we come to the bridge over the “Lago Medio” lake on the Flumendosa river. It is the largest of the three artificial lakes built along the river to control flood levels and to irrigate the Campidano region. The lake was built in 1952 and is more than 20 km long, where it is possible to practice the sport peach to the trout, the surf, the canoe and excursions around to the lake.

Via Roma, 46
Orroli (NU)
Tel. 0782 845023

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Lago di Mulargia - Orroli (NU) - Sardinia House Museum omuAxiu - Orroli (NU) Nuraghe Arrubiu - Orroli (NU) - Sardinia Lago del Flumendosa - Orroli (NU) - Sardinia