Restaurant museum Omuaxiu - SardiniaRestaurant museum Omuaxiu - Sardinia
Museum Restaurant - Hotel
Via Roma, 46 Orroli (NU) - Tel. +39 0782 845023
Restaurant museum Omuaxiu - Sardinia
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Omuaxiu is located in Orroli, in via Roma 46, and is a typical, old country house, covering an area of more than 1200 sq. m.. The house has been in the Vargiu family since 1500 and is known by the locals as OMUAXIU (literally “the Vargiu house” in the local dialect). Today the house has been transformed into a fascinating ethnographical and embroidery museum.
The museum recreates scenes from the past and as visitors pass from room
to room they will get an insight into ancient local customs and trades and smell
the mouth-watering fragrances and aromas of traditional delicacies from the rural communities in the Sarcidano region. The guided tour takes visitors through the house to the storage areas filled with farming tools, to the rooms with ovens used for baking bread, to the cellar, where full-bodied cannonau wines aged and to the storeroom, where cold meats, cheese and preserves are still kept, all prepared according ancient customs.

Omuaxiu is a genuine living museum: skilled hands prepare all the products and dishes using traditional methods and recipes passed down from one generation to the next. Visitors are then given the chance to sample the delicacies in the museum restaurant.
The rooms upstairs have been transformed into an embroidery museum with beautiful collections of clothes, trousseaux and various articles belonging to the family.

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Museumj House - Omuaxiu Orroli (NU)